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Answers, hints, and solutions to all chapter exercises
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About this book

  • Publisher:
    Pearson Education
  • Author:
    Charles, Hall, Kennedy, Bellman, Bragg, Handlin, Murphy, Wiggins
  • ISBN:
  • ISBN10:
  • Course:
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The textbook Geometry from Pearson with ISBN 9780133185829 was written by the authors Wiggins, Handlin, Bellman, Bragg, Hall, Murphy, Kennedy, and Charles. It was published in 2011. Mathleaks provides unique solutions, answers, and hints to every single exercise. Unlike a graphing calculator or a math calculator, it also explains each exercise in context to greater benefit learning and understanding. Every student and family that needs help with their math homework during traditional classroom study or remote learning will benefit from using Mathleaks. The textbook covers the Common Core Curriculum, and includes all standards for traditional Geometry study. The chapters include geometry, proofs and reasoning, perpendicular and parallel lines, congruent triangles, the polygon-angle sum theorems, similarity, transformations, surface area, volume, circles, and probability. By downloading Mathleaks, a student has access to pedagogical solutions and answers for every problem in the Geometry textbook by Pearson. All solutions have been authored and proofread by math teachers. This thorough approach and the accompanying step-by-step explanation helps students understand every math problem, as each solution is explained in context. Mathleaks is the most affordable and educational textbook solution homework helper app there is, and is here to teach math and foster a deeper understanding and learning.

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