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Answers, hints, and solutions to all chapter exercises
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About this book

  • Publisher:
    Big Ideas Learning
  • Author:
    Larson, Boswell
  • ISBN:
  • ISBN10:
  • Course:
    Integrated I
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Big Ideas Math Integrated I follows the Integrated Pathway for high school math. The textbook combines content from Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 into one course. Mathleaks offers written pedagogical solutions to all of the textbook exercises in Big Ideas Math Integrated I. Using Mathleaks, students in their first year of high school can look up educational textbook solutions to Big Ideas Math Integrated I. Each of our textbook solutions also include a hint and the textbook answer, which encourages students to challenge themselves before reading the solution. The textbook has an ISBN of 9781680331127 and was authored by Dr. Boswell and Dr. Larson. The book follows the Common Core Curriculum Standards for Integrated 1 The chapters include solving, graphing, writing linear equations and inequalities, exponential sequences and functions, data analysis and displays, basics of geometry, reasoning, proofs, perpendicular and parallel lines, transformations, and congruent triangles. Every textbook solution for Big Ideas Math Integrated I has been written by a licensed math teacher. If we were to compare using Mathleaks to solving using a math or graphing calculator, Mathleaks has a different approach, as each solution is tailored to a specific exercise. Using Mathleaks, parents can get much-needed homework help that is both affordable and reliable.

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