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Answers, hints, and solutions to all chapter exercises
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About this book

  • Publisher:
    Big Ideas Learning
  • Author:
    Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell
  • ISBN:
  • Course:
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Big Ideas Math: Modeling Real Life for Grade 6 students, published by Big Ideas Learning in 2019 with ISBN 9781635988970, was written by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell. The textbook covers the first year of the Common Core Curriculum for Pre-Algebra, and includes all standards for traditional 6th grade studies. The chapters include Numerical Expressions and Factors, Fractions and Decimals, Ratios and Rates, Percents, Algebraic Expressions and Properties, Equations, Area, Surface Area, and Volume, Integers, Number Lines, and the Coordinate Plane, Statistical Measures, and Data Displays. With Mathleaks, a student has access to thorough, educational solutions and answers for every problem in their textbook. All of the solutions have been written and proofread by math professionals. Mathleaks gives solutions, answers, and hints to every exercise in the Big Ideas Math textbooks. Mathleaks is an affordable and educational textbook solution and math study app that will help guide students to deeper understanding of the material. Unlike a graphing calculator or other online math solvers, Mathleaks explains each exercise in a detailed context to greater benefit students’ learning and understanding. This thorough approach and the accompanying step-by-step explanations help students solve every math problem, since each solution is explained in context. Mathleaks is here to help students and families that need help with their math homework with traditional classroom study or remote learning.

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