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About this book

  • Publisher:
    Big Ideas Learning
  • Author:
    Larson, Boswell
  • ISBN:
  • ISBN10:
  • Course:
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Big Ideas Algebra 1, the Texas version of the textbook from Big Ideas Math has the ISBN 9781608408146. It was written by the authors Larson and Boswell. The Big Ideas Math textbook covers all common core topics in the Algebra 1 curriculum. This includes chapters on solving linear equations, solving linear inequalities, graphing and writing linear functions, solving systems of linear equations, exponential functions and sequences, polynomial equations and factoring, and solving and graphing quadratic equations. Mathleaks’ is focused on student learning and teaching the methods behind math. With this approach, students are given a way to deeper understanding the material rather than just memorization. With affordable educational homework assistance that focuses on quality, parents and students can get help with remote learning. Or, use Mathleaks as a supplement to a traditional classroom setting. For every solution and problem in the textbook Mathleaks has thorough explanations, theories, and methodology, which makes it superior to using an online calculator, graphing calculator, or math solver. With pedagogical and highly educational solutions written by licensed math educators, students are given hints and explanations to gain a complete understanding of the textbook material. Using Mathleaks is like having a private tutor that is always available when needed.

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