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Describing Transformations of Absolute Value Functions

Describing Transformations of Absolute Value Functions 1.6 - Solution

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Let's graph g(x)g(x) first and then we can compare it to the graph of the parent function.

Graphing g(x)g(x)

To graph the function, let's make a table of values first.

xx x5.5\left|x\right|-5.5 Simplify g(x)g(x)
-5{\color{#0000FF}{\text{-}5}} -55.5\left|{\color{#0000FF}{\text{-}5}}\right|-5.5 55.55-5.5 -0.5\text{-}0.5
-3{\color{#0000FF}{\text{-}3}} -35.5\left|{\color{#0000FF}{\text{-}3}}\right|-5.5 35.53-5.5 -2.5\text{-}2.5
-1{\color{#0000FF}{\text{-}1}} -15.5\left|{\color{#0000FF}{\text{-}1}}\right|-5.5 15.51-5.5 -4.5\text{-}4.5
0{\color{#0000FF}{0}} 05.5\left|{\color{#0000FF}{0}}\right|-5.5 05.50-5.5 -5.5\text{-}5.5
1{\color{#0000FF}{1}} 15.5\left|{\color{#0000FF}{1}}\right|-5.5 15.51-5.5 -4.5\text{-}4.5
3{\color{#0000FF}{3}} 35.5\left|{\color{#0000FF}{3}}\right|-5.5 35.53-5.5 -2.5\text{-}2.5
5{\color{#0000FF}{5}} 55.5\left|{\color{#0000FF}{5}}\right|-5.5 55.55-5.5 -0.5\text{-}0.5

Now we can plot these ordered pairs on a coordinate plane and connect them to get the graph of the parent function, f(x)=x.f(x)=|x|. Notice that g(x)g(x) is a transformation of f(x)f(x) and the graph of f(x)=xf(x)=|x| is V-shaped. Thus, g(x)g(x) will also be a V-shaped graph.

Comparing the Functions

To compare our graph to the graph f(x)=x,f(x)=|x|, let's draw them on one coordinate plane.

As we can see, the graph of g(x)g(x) is a vertical translation 5.55.5 units down of the graph f(x).f(x).