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Using Midpoint and Distance Formulas

Using Midpoint and Distance Formulas 1.13 - Solution

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Let's begin with graphing the segment KM\overline{KM} on a coordinate plane.

We want to find point QQ so that the ratio between KQKQ and KMKM is 25.\frac{2}{5}. KQKM=25 \dfrac{KQ}{KM} =\dfrac{2}{5} To make this happen, we should place QQ so that it lies on the segment and is 25\frac{2}{5} of the way from KK to M.M. Notice that we can divide the segment KM\overline{KM} into 55 equal segments as shown below.

Therefore, 25\frac{2}{5} of this distance is like moving along the segment by 22 of these squares.

We can tell that the coordinates of the point QQ are (1,1).(1,1).