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Solving Exponential Equations

Solving Exponential Equations 1.6 - Solution

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To solve the equation by graphing, we first have to create two functions. Each side of the given equation will become its own equation. Now we want to draw these graphs using a calculator. We can do this by pressing the button and typing the equations in the two first rows.

Fönster med funktioner

Before we graph these functions, notice that the second function is a horizontal line at so we will not be able to see this in the standard viewing window. Also, the exponent of is so the function will grow very quickly. In order to accommodate these issues, we should change the viewing window. Let's restrict the axis. Also, we can change the scale of the axis to increase by We can do this by pushing

Fönster med funktioner
Fönster med funktioner

There is one point of intersection of these lines. To find this point we can use the intersect option, which we get by pushing and Now, we select both graphs and provide the calculator with a guess as to where the intersection might be.

Fönster med funktioner
Fönster med funktioner

The solution to the equation is