Algebraic Expression

If a calculation contains at least one variable, it is called an algebraic expression. For example, 2x+32x + 3 is an algebraic expression because it contains the variable x.x.

Algebraiskt uttryck1 en.svg

Numbers written in front of the variables are called coefficients, specifying how many of the variable there are. The terms not containing any variables are called constants. Because xx can be any value, substituting values for xx into the algebraic expression can result in infinitely many values.

Sample xx-value Expression Simplified expression
5{\color{#0000FF}{5}} 2(5)+32({\color{#0000FF}{5}})+3 1313
-1{\color{#0000FF}{\text{-} 1}} 2(-1)+32({\color{#0000FF}{\text{-} 1}})+3 11

Note that an expression that only contains constants is called a numeric or numerical expression.

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