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Manipulating Rational Expressions

Manipulating Rational Expressions 1.3 - Solution

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We want to multiply the given rational expressions. To do so, we will start by factoring the numerators and denominators, if possible. Let's start with the first expression. Since the denominator is already factored, we will factor only the numerator.
Factor the numerator
Let's now factor the second expression.
Factor the denominator
We rewrote both expressions. Now that both expressions have been factored, we will cancel out common factors, if possible.
We found the product of the given expressions. Finally, we will identify the restrictions from the denominator of the simplified expression and from any other denominator used. For simplicity, we will use their factored forms.
Denominator Restrictions on the denominator Restrictions on the variable
and and
and and

We found three restrictions on the variable.