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Mathleaks offers free worksheets for exercises in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.
Available worksheets are divided into various difficulty levels and include answers.

8th – 11th Grade Worksheets  

Below you will find PDF  exercise worksheets for different grades.

8th - 9th Grade Worksheet Examples

1. Writing and Graphing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form 2. Solving and Graphing One Variable Inequalities  3. Arithmetic Sequences 4. Graphing Absolute Value Equations

With Mathleaks worksheets in Algebra 1, a user can print and look up pedagogical solutions to every exercise online via the Mathleaks eCourses.

Some of the topics included in Mathleaks Algebra 1 worksheets are: solving linear equations and inequalities, graphing and writing linear functions, solving systems of linear equations, exponential functions and sequences, polynomial equations and factoring, and solving quadratic and radical functions.

9th - 10th grade Worksheet Examples

1. Definitions of Geometric Objects 2. Rigid Motion and Congruence 3. Theorems About Lines and Angles

Using Mathleaks worksheets for Geometry, users can print and look up pedagogical solutions to all of the available exercises with Mathleaks’ eCourses. In addition to pedagogical solutions to the exercises, students can view hints and answers to each exercise to help promote further learning.

A sample of the topics covered in Mathleaks Geometry worksheets are: the tools of geometry, symmetry and transformations, congruent figures, lines and angles, triangle congruence criteria, properties of quadrilaterals, coordinate proofs using slope and distance, trigonometry with right triangles, angles and segments in circles, arc length and sector area, equations of circles and parabolas, volume formulas, visualizing solids, and an introduction to probability and the independence of events.

10th - 11th Grade Worksheet Examples

1. Polynomial Functions and Their Graphs 2. Polynomial Root Theorems 3. Operations With Radical Expressions 4. The Unit Circle


Using Mathleaks worksheets in Algebra 2, a user can print and look up pedagogical solutions to every exercise in the worksheets online via Mathleaks’ eCourses.

Some topics covered in the Algebra 2 worksheets include: equations and inequalities, linear relations and functions, systems of equations and inequalities, quadratic functions and relations, polynomial and polynomial functions, inverses and radical functions, exponential and logarithmic functions and relations, rational functions, conic sections, sequences and series, statistics and probability, trigonometric functions, and trigonometric identities and equations.

Free Worksheets + Interactive eCourses 

Integrated with our worksheets, Mathleaks eCourses offer additional resources for each topic, including answers, hints, solutions, theory, tests, and video lessons (coming soon), all in one app. Printable worksheet exercises can be found in our eCourses subchapters.

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