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McGraw-Hill Education

Mathleaks grants you instant access to expert solutions and answers in McGraw-Hill Education publications for American High Schools. To use our content, browse the textbooks below or by download the Mathleaks app for free on Google Play or the App Store.

Expert Textbook Solutions

Find solutions to Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1,Geometry and Algebra 2 textbook exercises in McGraw-Hill Education publications. Our expert solutions are always presented step-by-step, with including theory, clear and concise explanations and with simply explained figures and graphs.

Mathleaks Solver

Access solutions outside of your textbook. Scan and solve exercises with our math solver. The solver reads exercise problems instantly by using the camera on your phone. Everything is easily accessible via the Mathleaks app or on our website.

Mathleaks Community

Connect with other students in Mathleaks community using the same textbook or studying in the same math course. Study together, challenge each other and solve quizzes in different math topics in groups.