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Writing Linear Equations in Point-Slope Form

Writing Linear Equations in Point-Slope Form 1.6 - Solution

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To determine if Ron-Jon is correct or not, let's find the equation ourselves. Then, we need to find the slope. This can be done using the slope formula and Ron-Jon's two points.
Now that we know the slope we can substitute it into the point-slope form. We can see that Ron-Jon got the correct slope so he might actually be correct with the equation. The second step for us is to substitute one of our points for However, let's try both to be able to compare with Ron-Jon's equation. Thus, we have two versions of the equation in point-slope form and neither matches Ron-Jons equation. We can see that Ron-Jon used the -value from one point and the -value from another. This is wrong as you have to use the - and -coordinates from the same point. We have now found the error and the correct equations.