A coefficient is a number that stands in front of a variable, an expression, or a function. Below is an algebraic expression where the terms containing variables have the coefficients 22 and -5.\text{-}5.

Expression with the coefficient and the variable

Coefficients indicate how many times a particular variable appears in an expression. In this case, there are two x3-termsx^3\text{-terms} and five x-terms.x\text{-terms}. (x3+x3)2(x+x+x+x+x)5+3\begin{gathered} \underbrace{\left(x^3+x^3\right)}_2-\underbrace{(x+x+x+x+x)}_5+3 \end{gathered} Note that a variable with a coefficient of 11 is usually written as though it doesn't have a coefficient. 1a=a\begin{gathered} 1a = a \end{gathered}

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