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Graphing Linear Relationships

Graphing Linear Relationships 1.3 - Solution

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A line in the slope-intercept form is written as where is the slope and is the -intercept. We want to find the graph of Since we know that it has its -intercept at Let's mark this point in a coordinate plane.

The function has a the slope With help of the slope we can find one more point on the line. This means that the function moves units in the -direction when it moves unit in the -direction. Using this we can find another point on the graph.

We can now draw the graph of the function by connecting these points with a line

We can use the same technique to draw the graph of Since the -intercept is at The slope is Therefore, we can find another point on the graph by starting at the -intercept and move unit to the right and units down. Let's mark these points and connect them with a line.

The last function we want to draw is which we can write as We see that and We draw the graph by first marking the -intercept, Using that we find another point on the graph by moving unit to the right and unit down. We then connect the points with a line.