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How to Get Geometry Help Online

14 July, 2022

From the Greek for “Earth Measurement,” Geometry is one of the earliest disciplines of mathematics. It is the study of mathematics connected to the size, shape, and properties of figures in space. Numerous aspects of daily life utilize geometry, including art, architecture, engineering, robotics, astronomy, sculptures, space, and more.

Understanding geometry lays the groundwork for learning more complex mathematical concepts. Geometry and algebra frequently overlap, like in the case of the Pythagorean theorem, which is taught in both science and math classrooms. Additionally, it is essential information for several STEM occupations.

This article will go through why geometry can be challenging and provide geometry help for high school students. You’ll learn how to get help online to ensure you will pass the next class, so keep reading! 

Why Is Geometry Not Just Homework?

The idea of homework as we know it today is not always the best way to learn a new subject. There are many more engaging and fun ways to learn than typical exercises and repetitive tests. You are not the only one feeling bored when you think of the homework waiting for you every day. 

Subjects can be learned better and sometimes faster if approached differently than just dull homework. Different learning methods, such as flashcards, online graphing tools, or online math games, can help you retain your knowledge. These may even help you stay motivated and get better grades. But, alas, you’re probably reading this because you can’t avoid the homework.

Why Is Geometry Homework So Hard?

Homework can be a headache, and we bet you’ve been overwhelmed sometime in your school years. You are not alone! Often classes or teachers are not perfectly equipped, so you don’t quite understand the assignment. That’s ok! 

Building up knowledge and solving problems step-by-step is crucial in understanding the processes and the logic behind them. 

Geometry seems complicated because math overall does not teach us to think spatially. Instead of the analytical abilities we employ in algebra, we need to use spatial and logical skills in geometry (reference: https://link.springer.com/article/10.3758/s13423-019-01694-7).


How to Get Geometry Help Online

There are many options you can try, both free and paid. You can find various resources online that will help you dive deeper into your struggling chapters. Here are some key things:

1. eCourses

There are many online courses, and you’re only limited by what you wish to learn. There are general math courses, geometry courses, or even courses for specific chapters or theories. When choosing, you can be as exact as you want or need to be. 

eCourses hold the great advantage of asynchronous learning (read more: https://online.osu.edu/resources/learn/whats-difference-between-asynchronous-and-synchronous-learning) that gives you the freedom and flexibility to complete them at your own pace and study whenever and wherever you feel like it. With eCourses, you can study for schools, find CPM homework help, or simply learn more about math!

On top of that, online learning is usually much more budget-friendly compared to in-person tutoring or private lessons, since the courses are pre-made and sold online.

2. Worksheets

Worksheets for math are a handy resource, especially for practicing challenging mathematical ideas. They can help you develop your ability to understand patterns and improve your problem-solving skills through repetition. It helps to improve your capacity to reason logically and develop original answers to a large variety of exercises.

By practicing through math worksheets often, you will get a hold of solving math problems faster and, as a result, feel less anxious during geometry tests or final exams.

You can find many math worksheets online! For example, Mathleaks.com has a great collection of FREE MATH WORKSHEETS for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, with more exercises and courses being developed every day. 

You can pick what you need to practice. You can download them and print them or fill them out online! Check it out and find your geometry homework help.

3. Supplementary Material

The lessons in the textbook are not always easy to understand or are just not detailed enough. You can always look for more details of concepts, rules, and methods online. Don’t forget that geometry is all about shapes, so looking for supplementary material that comes with explanatory images will undoubtedly help a lot, as it can help you to visualize and make sense of what you are reading.

Different materials may come from online books or teaching platforms, like Mathleaks. But don’t forget that educational content doesn’t have to be a long wall of text. You can skip the reading by watching videos and taking interactive lessons online for more visually and kinesthetically engaging explanations of theorems and concepts. 

With time and practice, you’ll figure out what types of content work best for your personal learning style.

Mathleaks makes math studying easy, try it for free now

4. Apps

There is an ocean of math apps available that help with geometry these days. Some may be gold, but many others are not. Make sure to check the reviews and try some free apps before investing in a paid one if you are thinking about it. 

There are apps that offer online courses, solutions to school math books, extra material for practicing even math solver apps. Mathleaks has all above mentioned and even more. Download the app now: iOS, Android.

5. Auto-graded tests or quizzes

Automatically graded tests and quizzes found online have the benefit of instant feedback, so you can test your knowledge and figure out immediately if there is something you need to work more on. 

Quizzes can also be fun; you can do it like a game and challenge your friends to compete with you. You can even create your own quizzes online if you enjoy it!

School’s way of teaching does not always work for everyone. Don’t hesitate to try different ways of learning, different places or times of the day to find the best for you. 

You just have to go down the road yourself and find out how to make things work for yourself. It might be tricky at first, but once you know what works and what doesn’t, you will unlock a different level of learning skills. 


Get Help with Geometry Homework for Free

Geometry might seem too complicated initially, but it is one of the most exciting classes as its applications are visible in many everyday activities. Mathleaks can become your geometry tutor, offering many online tools for free that you can benefit from and improve your geometry skills.

Remember that:

Follow our advice, and you’ll nail it! Good luck!

Written by Mathleaks

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