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Answers, hints, and solutions to all chapter exercises
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About this book

  • Publisher:
    McGraw Hill Education
  • Author:
    Carter, Cuevas, Day, Malloy
  • ISBN:
  • ISBN10:
  • Course:
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Glencoe Geometry is a textbook from McGraw Hill, published in 2017. The textbook has an ISBN of 9780079039941 and was written by Carter, Cuevas, Day, and Malloy. Through the Mathleaks app or our website, every student in the US can look up educational solutions to the exercises in the textbook Glencoe Geometry. In addition to pedagogical textbook solutions students also get hints and answers to every exercise, promoting more in-depth learning. The textbook follows the Common Core Curriculum and the chapters cover all of the relevant math standards. This includes tools of geometry, logical arguments and line relationships, rigid transformations and symmetry, triangles and congruence, relationships in triangles, quadrilaterals, similarity, right triangles and trigonometry, circles, extending area, extending volume, and probability. Using Mathleaks is like having a private tutor that is both affordable and always available to help. This is important for families that are looking for help in a traditional classroom setting and online distance learning. All of the textbook solutions have been authored and proofread by a math teacher to help every student understand the material instead of just memorizing it. This is different from an online graphing calculator, math calculator, or a math solver because Mathleaks is learning-focused material.

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