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Answers, hints, and solutions to all chapter exercises
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About this book

  • Publisher:
    McGraw Hill Education
  • Author:
    Carter, Cuevas, Day, Malloy
  • ISBN:
  • ISBN10:
  • Course:
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McGraw Hill Education publishes textbooks that are widely used throughout the United States. This edition of Glencoe Algebra 2 was published in 2017 and follows the Common Core State Standards curriculum. The textbook was authored by Day, Cuevas, Carter, and Malloy and has an ISBN of 9780079039903. Every student using Mathleaks has access to supplemental materials and solutions to the exercises found in Glencoe Algebra 2. The chapter titles include Preparing for Advanced Algebra, Linear Equations, Relations and Functions, Quadratic Functions, Polynomials and Polynomial Functions, Inverses and Radical Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Rational Functions, Statistics and Probability, Trigonometric Functions, and Trigonometric Identities and Equations. Mathleaks’ solutions are written and proofread by math expert, ensuring that they are top quality. Each solution also comes with an answer and a hint which allows students the opportunity to challenge themselves before reading through the step-by-step the solution. This is very different compared to other online graphing calculators or math solvers, as it emphasizes learning and not memorizing steps, procedures, or formulas. When using Mathleaks, families have access to an affordable digital private tutor in math that is always available to help out with any math homework, whether in a traditional classroom setting, homeschooling, or with distance learning.

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