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Coordinate System

A coordinate system is a reference framework used to describe the positions of objects like points, lines, and surfaces in a space. A fixed point called the origin is used as a reference in the coordinate system. The most common types of coordinate systems are one-, two-, or three-dimensional.

Number Line

A number line is a one-dimensional coordinate system. The origin represents the number Negative numbers are placed along the line on the left-hand side of while positive numbers are placed on the right-hand side of Any real number can be graphed as a unique point on the number line.
Number Line

Coordinate Plane

A coordinate plane is a two-dimensional coordinate system. It is a grid that results from intersecting a vertical number line with a horizontal number line at their zero points. The horizontal number line is usually named the axis and the vertical number line is usually the axis.

Coordinate plane with a horizontal axis called x and a vertical axis called y. The intersection point between them is the origin.
The positive numbers on the axis are above zero and the negative ones are below zero. The origin is where the lines intersect, which is the point Every point on a coordinate plane is plotted according to its and coordinates.
A generic point plotted on a coordinate plane.

Three Dimensional Coordinate System

In a three-dimensional coordinate system, three axes intersect. Each axis is perpendicular to the other two axes. These axes are commonly labeled as the axis, the axis, and the axis. The origin of this system is the point where the three axes intersect.

A three-dimensional coordinate system.
Note that in this case, the axis goes from front to back, the axis from left to right, and the axis from bottom to top. Any point in a three-dimensional system requires three coordinates called an ordered triple