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Solving Polynomial Equations

Solving Polynomial Equations 1.11 - Solution

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Let's first graph the two functions. We can enter these into a graphing calculator by pushing and typing the right-hand side in the first two rows.

Window with inequality

By pushing the calculator will draw the equations. Notice that one of the equations is a horizontal line along For this function to be visible on the screen, re-size the standard window by pushing the button. Change the settings to a more appropriate size and then push

TI räknarfönster för window
Window with a graph

We see that the graphs intersect three times, so there are three solutions to this equation. To determine them, use the intersect option by pressing and then

Graffönster från TI-82

Next, to help the calculator work faster, we will have to provide it with some guess as to where the intersections occur. To make sure the calculator picks the intersection point we want to find, make our guess as close as possible to it. We have to repeat this procedure for all three solutions.

Window with a graph
Window with a graph
Window with a graph

The three solutions are and