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Polynomial Expressions

Polynomial Expressions

Polynomial Expressions

In this chapter, we learn how to manipulate polynomial expressions by combining them and factoring.

Polynomials are algebraic expressions which consists of multiple monomials or terms. In a polynomial, the largest exponent tells us the degree of the polynomial. Depending on how many terms a polynomial has, polynomials are given different names. Polynomials with two terms are called binomials and polynomials with three terms are called trinomials.

Just like with numbers, polynomials are closed under addition and subtraction. What this means is that polynomials can be added and subtracted, and the result is another polynomial. These operations are carried out by combining like terms which are terms with the same variable and exponent. These can be combined by adding or subtracting their coefficients.

This chapter also investigates how we can factor polynomials in various ways. There are several ways to factor polynomials, such as factoring by greatest common factor or factoring a quadratic trinomial. If a polynomial’s degree is higher than 2, it can be helpful to combine these methods.

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