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Linear Relationships

Linear Relationships

Linear Relationships

This chapter reviews key foundational concepts from Algebra 1 including the aspects of linear functions and their slopes. The chapter teachers constructing, graphing, solving, and combining individual functions and systems.

The chapter starts of by describing what a linear function is and how we can determine such a function by determining the slope and y-intercept. These variables can be found by knowing at least two points that fall on the line. Next, we discuss the slope formula and the slope-intercept form.

The next part of the chapter discusses how to graph a linear function in slope-intercept form as well as the concept of the standard form of a line. It also explains linear inequalities and how to solve them algebraically and graphically. Finally, the chapter discusses how to combine functions through addition, subtract, multiplication, and division which creates a new function with similar or new characteristics, depending on the original functions and the operation used.

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