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Textbook solutions

Mathleaks solutions will teach you how to think and reason, make you understand math faster and enable you to study smarter. The solutions is created thru a unique process and consists of clear and concise explanations, always explained simply with figures and graphs, step-by-step calculations and included theory. 

With Mathleaks you will find solutions to every exercise in your textbook, written by the best licensed math educators from the US. Covers publishers such as CPM, Pearson, McGraw Hill, Big Ideas Learning, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Mathleaks e-Courses

Mathleaks Courses or eCourses supplements your learning, a stand-alone curriculum for Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 with associated exercises, hints, answers and solutions. You will also find automatically graded tests, statistics, and other smart tools.

Textbook, course or country settings

Open the side menu and select settings, after that select course. All necessary choices and settings are available in the tutorial.

Get Mathleaks Free

Find answers to frequently asked questions about what’s included with and without a premium subscription

A Math e-learning system, made for students and parents

Mathleaks offers all new user a free trial period of 14 days. For more information create a new account and read the email being sent. You can also recruit a friend and get free premium days. By doing so, open the side menu and select Try Premium. For more information visit mathleaks website.

Use Mathleaks in your classroom and at home

Mathleaks eCourses can replace old textbooks. All theory, examples. exercises and some solutions accordingly to the curriculum, are free of charge. It gives schools increased resources to provide students with solutions and saves the environment. You can increase the demand for Mathleaks courses through your teacher, instead of the school buying textbooks for you. Open the side menu and select Try Premium and then select Recommend your teacher.


iTunes Subscriptions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about subscriptions via iTunes

How does it work?

A payment will be charged to your iTunes account when you confirm your purchase. A subscription is activated and on goes accordingily to the subscription period you have chosen (the “Subscription Time”) regardless of whether it is canceled. If your Subscription has not been canceled at least 24 hours before the subscription period expires, subscription will automatically be extended with another subscription period.

Your iTunes account is managed through your Apple ID settings. Unused portion of a free trial, forfeited when a new enumeration is started. If you experience a problem or in need of support contact us at

Delete or modify a Mathleaks account

If you wish to delete or modify your Mathleaks account, please visit our website at where all the necessary account settings can be found.