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Monitoring Progress 1 To convert your total pay into an hourly wage, we need to consider that an hourly wage is just "dollars per hour" or: HourDollars​. This means that we can divide your total earnings by the number of hours worked to find your hourly wage. HourDollars​=3721​352.50​Write as a decimalHourDollars​=37.5352.50​Use a calculatorHourDollars​=9.40 Your hourly wage is $9.40 per hour.
Monitoring Progress 2 To find your gas mileage, we need to consider that gas mileage is just "miles per gallon" or: GallonMiles​. This means that we can divide your total miles driven by the number of gallons of gas you used to find your gas mileage. GallonMiles​=47.51244.5​Use a calculatorGallonMiles​=26.2 Your car gets 26.2 miles to the gallon.
Monitoring Progress 3 The rate at which we drive is commonly known as "miles per hour." We can expression this as the fraction: HourMiles​. We are told that you can drive 236 miles in 4.6 hours and want to know how long it will take to get 450 miles. Because we want the rates to remain constant, the quotient "miles" divided by "hours" should always be equal. Therefore, we can find the time it takes by setting up a proportion: 4.6 hours236 miles​=h hours450 miles​. Let's solve this proportion now! 4.6236​=h450​ Solve for h LHS⋅4.6=RHS⋅4.6236=h450​⋅4.6ca​⋅b=ca⋅b​236=h2070​Multiply by h236h=2070LHS/236=RHS/236h=8.771186… h≈8.77 It will take approximately 8.77 hours to drive 450 miles.